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Karra’s Vocal Sample Packs are the top selling vocal packs on Splice. They were featured through out Bring Me The Horizon’s Grammy nominated album, and Timbalands masterclass. In this course she shows you how to make a vocal sample pack from start to finish using Pro-Tools and Ableton! This complete course features 6 lessons starting with an Introduction, how and what you need to set up, the writing and recording process, vocal editing, how to mix your samples, the proper way to export your samples, and tips on distribution.

Part 1 is a general introduction to Karra, Vocal Sample Packs, project preparation and overview. This is your starting point in your next business venture. Gather your ideas, equipment, and inspiration for this 2.5 hour journey.

Part 3 is the where your ideas come to life. Karra teaches you how to create multiple instrumentals from Splice loops to write your lyrics. Karra then shares her personal techniques for creating melodies, lyrics, and vocal styles. Karra uses Pro Tools to optimize her production workflow, however these techniques can be applied in any DAW.

Karra’s Pro Tools Template

Pro Tools 2020 or newer

Karra’s Ableton Template

Ableton 10 or newer

Karra Spoken FX

iZotope Nectar 3

Karra’s Vocal Compression

Howard Benson Vocal Plugin

Karra’s Vocal Compression

Ableton Multiband Dynamics

Karra’s Vocal EQ

FabFilter Pro Q-3

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How To Create Vocal Sample Packs

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